A little bit about Now.

Welcome to Now, an independent design studio
based in Hertfordshire, founded by freelance designer
Chris Brown. Now Studio works in collaboration with
like-minded individuals, agencies and businesses,
all with a passion for delivering engaging and effective
design solutions across all media. Why not take a look around to see if you're making the most of Now?

Key Skills + Experience.

With over 15 years experience, I'd like to think I've got the right blend of skills required to create everything for your campaign. Here's just a selection of the brands I've enjoyed working with over the years.


Love + Understanding.

Being a passionate all-rounder, I'm as at home creating an identity or brochure, as I am a piece of packaging or website, and love nothing more than working on new and diverse projects.

Creative + Diverse.

I've been lucky enough to have designed lots of things for lots of different people. It's this diversity in my work that keeps me focused, and delivers new and exciting challenges every day.

Little + Large.

Over the years, I’ve experienced working with a variety of clients from all walks of life, including major high-street brands, local authorities and small business start-ups.